Variable-Pitch FFC

Conventional fabrication method/processes for Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) requires intensive use of acidic etching chemical, generating large amount of toxic waste and use of expensive polyimide materials. These provide the impetus to conduct R&D in expanding the existing commercial applications of a relatively lower cost yet environmentally friendly Variable-Pitch (Dual Pitch) Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) as an effective substitute.

JSB Tech Pte Ltd and A*STAR (Singapore Government Research Agency) have co-developed to innovate a breakthrough world's first Ventura V-Flex Variable-Pitch (Dual Pitch) Flexible Flat Cable supported by SPRING Singapore. This newly innovated Dual-Pitch FFC (in 2010) has been accepted by WIPO and published of patents under PCT over 100 countries. The curvature shapes of flat wires emulate conventional printed circuit routing patterns that allow product designers to take advantage of this unique characteristic of V-Flex Dual-pitch FFC.


  • Replace expensive polyimide based FPC with economical polyester based FFC - Reduction of component COST by > 50%
  • Highly reduce component/part DELIVERY LEAD TIME from 3 weeks to 3 days
  • Environmental Friendly - No etching chemical required
  • COST SAVINGS resulting from eliminating one connector achieved by soldering expanded-pitch terminal of FFC directly on PCB


  • Audio & Video Entertainment System
  • Blue-Ray Player
  • Optical Drive
  • Game Consoles
  • Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop PC
  • Laser/Inkjet Printers/Scanner
  • Mobile Devices utilizing serial I/O technologies
  • Others

Product Type - Gold Plated FFC

Width A = 0.8mm pitch & Width B = 0.5mm Pitch

Different type of Dual-Pitch FFC

Dual-Pitch FFC (One Side plugged into 0.5mm pitch connector & the other side 0.8mm pitch soldered directly on PCB)