Video on Production Capabilities:

Our factory assembled products have been used by millions of users in the world. Below are some videos showing productions and applications of our assembled products in various industries.

1. Digi-Pas Intelligent Levelling Instruments

2軸精密デジタル平型水準器 - DWL-1300XY / DWL-1500XY (Japan)

Digi-Pas 2-Axis Machinist Level HALVES THE SETUP TIMES for HURCO 5-Axis CNC Machine! (EUROPE)

Digi-pas DWL-1500XY Revolutionizes Levelling Alignment on Precision Machines Inspection & Test Equipment (USA)

2. Automated Flexible Flat Cable Production Facilities

FFC Pre-production Automated Process

FFC Wire Flatting Automated Process

FFC Lamination Automated Production

3. Automated eGeePro N95-Grade Face Mask Manufacturing

HIGH-Precision Automatic Injection Molding

Class 8 Cleanroom production floor

Automatic Machine for N95-GRADE ANTIBACTERIAL REFILL FILTER Production

4. Egeetouch Smart Locking Devices

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock: NFC Fobs + Bluetooth Access with AUDIT TRAIL

eGeeTouch Smart Travel Lock - Unlock with Smartphone & Track your luggage

World's-1st eGeeTouch Smart Lugagge Lock - No key & No code!