Design, Test, & Reliability Capability

The R&D is led by a team of multinational, interdisciplinary and highly specialised professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within niched domain expertise and skillsets of precision digital angle, levelling and alignment/measurement instrument and flexible flat cable technologies. We relentlessly perform R&D activities and innovate global-leading diagnostic instruments/products in contributing to the advancement of the precision engineering, automotive, aerospace, nuclear power, medical, off-shore, industrial printing and semiconductor industries. In 2009, Digi-Pas® pioneered the world's first Dual Axis high precision digital level and in 2011, we further pioneered the world's first Dual Axis machinist level that have greatly simplified any high precision machine levelling and planar angle measurements tasks.

R&D Equipment Portfolio

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    High Precision Vision Measurement System
    Very high manification resolution up to 1000x vision imaging system is used for Quality Assurance and product specification conformance in the manufacturing of Ventura V-Flex® & Digi-Pas ® product ranges
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    Programmable Precision Temperature and Humidity Calibration Chamber
    Ventura V-Flex® & Digi-Pas® products are tested and calibrated to reliably withstand operating in stringent environments.
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    Programmable Temperature Chamber
    Temperature Cycling Test (-20 to 85) of ventura V-Flex® product is accelerated in Programmable Temperature Chamber Votsch VT3050 for reliabilitu and performance conformity to product specification.
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    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Simulator
    The NoiseKen's ESS-2002 has been effectively used for testing immunity to electrostatic discharge of out Ventura V-Flex® Flexible Flat Cables, ensuring reliability and durability to meet global standards.
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    High Resistance Meter
    The High Resistance Meter 4339B from Aglient is utilised to test the quality of insulation film of Ventura V-Flex®Flexible Flat Cable.
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    Plating Thickness Tester
    CT-w Plating THickness Tester is capable of multi-layer plating measurement, from 0.01 µm to ensure our Ventura V-Flex FFC® wire coating thickness is within proudcut specification.
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    Bending Cycle Tester
    The durability of our Ventura V-Flex FFC® in bending cycle (radius 10mm & speed 300 cycle/minute) is tested to conform to product specification and customer requirements.
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    Bonding Strength Tester
    The bonding strength between wire, insulation film and re-inforcing tape of Ventura V-Flex® are tested for Quality Assurance and product specification conformance.
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    Salt Spray/Corrosion Chamber
    eGeeTouch® products are stress tested in controlled corrosion enviroment for Quality Assurance and product specification conformance.
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    160E Grinder Polisher
    Ventura V-Flex® products are tested and cross section checked to reliably withstand operating in stringent environments.