Injection Moulding Division

Our Injection Moulding Division consists of 28 from 20 - 220 Ton Nissei and sumitomo machines installed in Class 100k clean room and standard production environments to meet customer requirements. The division produces several millions pieces of precision engineered plastic and cosmetic parts every month. These engineering parts are manufactured at up to 5 microns accuracy. Quality is highly maintained on cosmetic parts also, whereby specifications are critical. Additional value-added services such as module assembly, spray painting, silkscreen/tempo printing are also provided in an attempt to provide a comprehensive 'One-Stop' (box Built) solution to our customers.

Our IMD Division Production Line

Production Machines & Cleanroom Facility

Mold Making & Maintainance Capability

QA & Precision Dimension Inspection

Engineering Parts

Cosmetic Parts

Spray Tampo And Hot Stamping